Captain Hook & Mr. Darling

Captain Hook

When the original play of Peter Pan opened in 1904, the roles of Captain Hook and Mr. Darling were both played by the same actor. Rather than hiring two separate actors for the roles, it was cheaper and easier to just hire one actor. Since the original production of Peter Pan, it has become tradition for Captain Hook and Mr. Darling to be played by the same actor – just as it is tradition for Peter Pan to be played by an actress in theatrical productions.

When Disney was producing their own version of this classic tale, they held on to the Captain Hook/Mr. Darling tradition. In the 1953 Disney film, the voices of both characters were provided by the same voice actor, Hans Conried. If you listen closely to Mr. Darling, you might just hear a little bit of Captain Hook in his voice. 

Thanks to Jodi at Magical Mouse Schoolhouse, Heidi at Heidi’s Head, Mike at My Dreams of Disney, and Jenn at Disney Babies Blog for hosting the Tiggerific Tuesday Trivia blog hop! Click the links below for more great Disney trivia!

Tiggerific Tuesday Trivia

Photo credit: Castles, Capes & Clones / Foter / CC BY-ND

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Heidi Strawser

That is so cool! I haven’t actually seen that movie in a long time! But, I believe Ashley just ordered it from the Disney Movie Club, so I’ll have to watch it and pay close attention!

Kimberly @Frontierland Station

How fun! Enjoy watching it when it arrives! It’s such a great Disney movie!

Heidi Strawser

We will! I believe we own it on VHS but we only have one small TV with a VHS player connected, so we don’t pull out those old tapes very often!

Kimberly @Frontierland Station

My parents have most of the Disney movies on VHS. It’s been years since I watched one. I miss being able to watch some of them (like Aladdin which I think they need to re-release soon). But I’m sure they’ll get them all released on Blu-ray eventually. 🙂

Heidi Strawser

Us too! We have a bunch of them. I hate to part with them, but I’m not sure why.

Kimberly @Frontierland Station

Maybe they’ll be collectors items someday! Haha!

lori ketcherside

Did you know he was also the voice of Snidely Whiplash in the Rocky and Bullwinkle shorts?

Kimberly @Frontierland Station

I did not. How interesting!

Upon A Star Concierge

I didn’t know that! So interesting!

Kimberly @Frontierland Station

I was watching Peter Pan last week and while Mr. Darling was talking I thought ‘He sounds like Captain Hook!’ So I did some Googling and found out there were voiced by the same person.





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