Remembering The Parades Of Epcot

Everyone loves a parade, so it would be natural to assume parades at the four Walt Disney World parks have been abundant over the years. This is true for most of the Walt Disney World parks, but for Epcot – not so much. Since the park’s opening in 1982, there have only been a handful […]

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The Disneyland Television Show

In October of 1954, Disney aired its first episode of the Disneyland television show on ABC. The series, originally hosted by Walt Disney, gave audiences a look at the Disneyland park both prior to and after its completion. The television show also featured other segments created especially for the show, as well as, previously existing […]

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EuroDisney's Disney Classics Parade

While searching for some interesting Disney history to share in this week’s blog hop, I came across the wonderful photo above showcasing several floats from the Disney Classics Parade. I had never heard of this parade before, so I just had to share it with you! The parade took place in the 1990s at Euro […]

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Fastpass To History - Vault Disney - Zorro

In 2002, the Disney Channel put an end to what many Disney history fans may consider the best 3 hour block of television programming at the time: Vault Disney. Though I haven’t been able to find the exact start date, I believe Vault Disney began airing sometime in the 1990s on Disney Channel. This programming […]

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Fastpass To History: Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Earlier this week, we discussed Mickey Mouse’s debut in the 1934 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Throughout the years, Mickey and even a few other various Disney characters have made appearances in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Many times, Mickey’s appearance marked a special event within the Walt Disney Company.

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Mickey's Debut At The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

The very first Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade took place in 1924. Just 10 years later, in 1934, Mickey Mouse made his debut in what was at the time called the Macy’s Santa Claus Parade. The balloon which measured 40 feet-tall was designed by Walt Disney and Macy’s Tony Sarg, the man responsible for inventing the marionette inspired […]

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Fastpass To History: Chernabog

It’s almost Halloween – the time for candy, costumes, and Disney villains! This week we’re going to take a look at some of the history behind Chernabog, who I consider to be the scariest Disney villain ever. In fact, Walt Disney once referred to this creepy character as “Satan himself.” Chernabog was animated by Vladmir Tytla, […]

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Fastpass To History: Clarabelle Cow

Plane Crazy was the first Mickey Mouse cartoon to be created. In addition to Mickey, several other beloved Disney characters also made their debut in this cartoon. Among those is Clarabelle Cow. In 1928 audiences first saw Clarabelle as a farm cow in Plane Crazy. Between 1930 and 1932, Clarabelle appeared in numerous Disney cartoons […]

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Fastpass To History: Tower of Terror Lightning Strike

You’re probably familiar with the story of The Hollywood Tower Hotel: On Halloween night, 1939, five people mysteriously disappeared when the hotel’s elevator was struck by lightning. Interestingly enough, the basis of this story isn’t all that far fetched. If you’ve been to Disney World, you know lightning is a common occurrence in Orlando. In […]

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The Legacy Collection Review & Giveaway

Disclaimer: I received a set of the Legacy Collection CD’s as a member of the Entertainment New Media Network. No further compensation was received and all opinions are my own. This post may also contain affiliate links. I will receive compensation for any purchases made through these links. I recently had the pleasure of listening to the […]

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Fastpass To History: Disneyland Teacup At The Smithsonian

As you may remember from a previous Fastpass To History, one of Disneyland’s Dumbo ride vehicles has been on display at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History since 2005; However, this is not the only ride vehicle Disney sent to the museum as part of Disneyland’s 50th Anniversary Celebration. In addition to Dumbo, a teacup from the Mad […]

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Fastpass To History: Roy O. Disney's Dedication Speech

Walt Disney World officially opened 43 years ago on October 1st, 1971. On October 26th, Roy O. Disney, gave the Walt Disney World dedication speech. After Walt’s death in 1966, it was unclear if the Florida Project would become a reality. Walt’s brother Roy took it upon himself to make sure his brother’s dream of […]

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Celebrate Graduation With Grad Nite At Disneyland

Welcome to those of you joining me from The Disney Point and those of you just hopping aboard. I am the 2nd stop on our Magical Blogorail. In 1961, Disneyland held its very first Grad Nite. The event was designed to provide high school seniors with a fun and safe place to party after graduation. […]

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Countdown To Extinction

When Disney’s Animal Kingdom opened in 1998, the park’s thrilling Dinosaur themed ride quickly become another one of my favorite attractions. Countdown To Extinction, as it was called at the time, took guests back in time in hopes of returning to the present with a live dinosaur. Two years after Animal Kingdom’s opening, Disney released […]

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Walt's Backyard Railroad

Walt Disney loved trains! So much so that, after being inspired by the backyard railroads of animators Ward Kimball and Ollie Johnston, he developed plans for his own backyard railroad. He would construct a one-eighth scale locomotive, The Carolwood Pacific, to encircle his property. Walt was thrilled about the idea of having his very own train! However, his […]

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Have A Haunted Mansion Holiday

Due to the success of Disneyland’s It’s A Small World Holiday and The Country Bear Christmas Special, Disney wanted to find a unique way to celebrate the holidays at another popular attraction – The Haunted Mansion. An attraction which focused on “grim-grinning ghosts” didn’t quite lend itself to the typical Christmas celebration. The imagineers initially […]

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Imagination Pavilion At Epcot

Many of the pre-shows for Walt Disney World attractions feature great music. Some of them feature the music as more of background music than something to focus on; however, the pre-show at Honey, I Shrunk The Audience featured the song True Colors prominently in a slideshow designed to encourage imagination.

The song True Colors combined with beautiful photos and text highlighting various ways to use and develop your imagination was truly the most inspirational pre-show I’ve ever seen at a Disney park. That video has stuck with me over the years. Anytime I hear the song True Colors, I can’t help but think of Honey, I Shrunk The Audience.

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The Unauthorized Story Of Walt Disney's Haunted Mansion

Thanks to my friends at Theme Park Press, I’ve recently started reading The Unauthorized Story of Walt Disney’s Haunted Mansion. This book was written by Jeff Baham, the owner of Haunted Mansion fansite Though I have just started reading this book, I have already learned some interesting facts about the popular attraction. I can’t […]

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Fastpass To History: No Pirates At Disney World?

 Pirates Of The Caribbean is a very popular attraction at Walt Disney World, especially since the release of the films based on the attraction. But did you know Disney originally had plans to not include this attraction in their Florida park? Though the original Pirates Of The Caribbean was incredibly popular when it opened at […]

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Disney Music Monday: Main Street Electrical Parade

Some of my favorite Disney parks music comes from the great parades I’ve seen over the years. I especially love the music from the nighttime parades. The upbeat music of the Main Street Electrical Parade can always bring a smile whether you’re hearing it as you watch the parade at Magic Kingdom or even if […]

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