Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes Review

Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes Review

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I recently had the opportunity to try out Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes for the XBOX 360. I loved the original Disney Infinity video game, so of course I was excited when Disney Interactive announced a new version of the game featuring additional characters and play sets. I expected Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes {affiliate link} to be just a fun, if not more so, than the original. I’m happy to report Disney did not disappoint! Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes is packed with all kinds of super hero fun, including improved game features, brand new game features, and so much more!


For those of you who already have Disney Infinity 1.0, I’m sure you’ve wondered about the compatibility between the two versions of the game. All of the Disney Infinity 1.0 characters are compatible with the Disney Infinity 2.0 Toy Box. They even unlock all of the related toys from the 1.0 version when you place the character on the Disney Infinity 2.0 base. In addition to the 1.0 characters being compatible with the new game, all of the 1.0 power discs are also compatible. The only things from the original game which are not completely compatible with the new version are the Disney Infinity  1.0 play sets; However, the Disney Infinity 1.0 play sets can still be played with the 2.0 base. You’ll just need to insert the Disney Infinity 1.0 disc into your game console. In my opinion, Disney Interactive couldn’t have done a better job designing the compatibility  between these two versions of Disney Infinity.

Toy Box

Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes - Toy Box

The Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes Toy Box is amazing! So many improvements have been made on the idea of the original Disney Infinity Toy Box. The new Toy Box is much more user friendly. The builder and creator features are my favorite of the new additions. Thanks to these features, building things such as race tracks or cities, which took quite a bit of time on the original version of the game, are now effortlessly and quickly constructed. In fact, earlier today I used the race track builder to create a brand new race track in less than a minute. And the track created was so much more fun than any tracks I had created myself in the original Disney Infinity.

Interiors are another new feature to Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes. Basically these are a home for your Disney Infinity characters. When you first visit your interior, Cogsworth from Disney’s Beauty & The Beast will be there to help show you around. You can design and decorate your interior however you wish. As you play the game, you’ll actually unlock new decorative items for your interior, such as wall art themed to your Disney Infinity characters. You can also build on to your interior to make a bigger house. Designing, decorating, and adding on to your interior is quite simple and fun.

Toy Box game discs are another great addition with the new version of Disney Infinity. Included in the starter pack of Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes are the “Escape From The Klyn” and “Assault On Asgard” Toy Box game discs. These discs allow you to play a structured game inside the Toy  Box. You are free to use any Disney Infinity characters in these Toy Box games. In my opinion, the new Toy Box game discs are a brilliant addition to the game. Both games are a lot of fun, but I especially loved fighting off the Frost Giants in “Assault On Asgard.”

Play Sets

Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes - Play Sets

Included in the Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes starter pack for the XBOX 360 is the Avengers play set, as well as, Thor, Iron Man, and the Black Widow. Unlike the original Disney Infinity, this starter pack provides you with more than enough characters for two player game play in the play set without purchasing any additional characters. Although chances are you will probably want to purchase a few more of the Avengers for your play set. Other characters which are or soon will be available for this play set include Hawkeye, Hulk, and my personal favorite Captain America {affiliate link}.

The Spider-Man {affiliate link} and Guardians of the Galaxy play sets can be purchased as additions to Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes. Both of these play sets are equally as entertaining as the Avengers play set. I especially love playing as Spider-Man in his play set. His unique ability to swing from place to place make the character so much fun! The unique characters of Guardians of the Galaxy {affiliate link} make this play set extremely entertaining. Each character comes with their own unique skill set, enhancing the game play experience with each character utilized.

The Disney Infinity 2.0 play sets have a lot more to do than the Disney Infinity 1.0 play sets. In fact, the Avengers play set is four times the size of the Incredibles play set. To me, the stories in all of the Disney Infinity 2.0 play sets seem to be much more detailed. With so much to be done in each play set, you will always find new and entertaining missions for your characters. Another  fun feature for these new play sets is the ability of a few characters to play in multiple play sets. After collecting a certain number of special coins throughout the play set, you will unlock the ability for an additional character in the play set.

Overall, I have to say I am extremely impressed with Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes. The new Toy Box and play sets offer so much to do. The Toy Box combined with your imagination really do make the possibilities in the game limitless. You can create just about anything you can dream up! While I loved the original Disney Infinity, the play sets for Disney Infinity 2.0 are also quite an improvement on the original. Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes is the perfect game for any Marvel or Disney fans!

Have you played Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes? Let us know your thoughts on this new game in the comment below!

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