Don’t Let The Weather Rain On Your Disney Parade

Don't Let The Weather Rain On Your Disney Parade

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Welcome to the next stop on Magical Blogorail Blue. Today we are discussing tips for rainy Disney days.

Rain often finds its way to Walt Disney World due to its central Florida location. On most days, the rain won’t last for very long; however, even the Most Magical Place On Earth does have its share of rainy days from time to time. When that happens, it’s important to be prepared and make the most of it. After all, a rainy day at Disney is better than a sunny day somewhere else!

No matter the weather forecast, ponchos are a must have for any day at a Disney park. Yes, I’ve learned this the hard way – multiple times. It never fails; the day I forget the ponchos at the resort is the day the torrential downpours visit central Florida. Let’s just say riding The Magic Carpets of Aladdin is not the idea place to be without a poncho when the clouds decide to let loose.

Don't Let The Weather Rain On Your Disney Parade

I’m a firm believer in taking in as many Disney attractions as possible. When it starts raining at Disney, I simply put on my poncho and keep having fun. If you visit Disney often, you may find it’s worth it to purchase one of the more expensive Disney Parks ponchos. You can bring them back each trip, and supposedly Disney will replace them if they tear (I don’t know for sure if this is actually true). Years ago my family purchased several of the yellow Mickey ponchos. We take them with us every vacation. Something about wearing a Mickey poncho just makes the rain a little more fun! If you don’t plan on visiting Disney regularly or just want to save some money, I highly recommend purchasing a poncho at home. They will cost a lot less than the Disney ponchos and work just as well.

When the rain doesn’t last all day, my favorite ways to escape the rain are shopping and shows. The stores on Main Street, U.S.A. are a great place to take cover from the weather. The majority of these stores are all connected. So you can shop in a variety of stores without having to get wet.

If it looks like the rain won’t last for too long, head into one of the longer shows at the parks such as The American Adventure at Epcot, Mickey’s PhilharMagic at Magic Kingdom, Voyage of The Little Mermaid at Hollywood Studios, or It’s Tough To Be A Bug at Animal Kingdom. All of these are fantastic and by the time they are over, the rain might just have stopped!

Believe it or not, there actually are some advantages to having a rainy day at Disney. If you’ve got a poncho, while it’s raining is the perfect time to take advantage of shorter wait times! The majority of guests will find shelter from the rain in a store or show. This leaves many of the attractions will outside queues having little to no wait. Please note that Disney will shut down outdoor rides if lightning is in the area, so you will only be able to take advantage of these shorter waits if it is only raining and not storming.

Don't Let The Weather Rain On Your Disney Parade

Photo credit: Tom.Bricker / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

Rain also provides some unique photo opportunities at Walt Disney World. You may be able to shoot beautiful photographs of rain on the many flowers located around the parks. If you find the right location, you might even be able to photograph stunning reflections of park icons such as in the beautiful photo of Cinderella Castle above.

Do you have any tips for making the most of a rainy day at Disney? We would love to hear them in the comments below!

Thank you for joining me today. Your next stop on the Magical Blogorail Loop is Ashley Aspires.

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Kimberly's love of Disney began at an early age and grew even more when her family won a Walt Disney World vacation from a local radio station. She grew up visiting the parks every one to two years and is fascinated by Disney history and trivia. Whether at the parks or at home, Kimberly is constantly looking for hidden Mickeys. She enjoys sharing tips and helping others plan their Disney vacations. In addition to Frontierland Station, she can also be found writing for Park World Travel and selecting music for Park World Radio.

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  • I’ve had a few good soakers at Disneyland myself. One was coming up out of the Finding Nemo Submarines and the rain was pouring down. We got drenched!

    • Well, I guess it made you feel like you really did just come out of the ocean! 🙂

  • Great post, Kimberly! Rainy days at Disney are part of the adventure, but ponchos certainly do make things more manageable! Thanks for writing!

  • Patricia Mickus

    Did you know if you rip your Disney poncho you can return in for a free one. Even if you don’t have the receipt. It makes the $7 purchase price worth the cost.

    • I’ve heard you can, but I wasn’t sure if it was actually true. I’d say that’s definitely a reason to spend the extra money on the Disney poncho!

  • Lisa Cameron

    We are also the type of family to grab our ponchos and go when it rains. We’ve recently started buying them ahead of time at the dollar store. You could buy 7 for the price of one in the park!

    • Definitely a much better deal for the price!

  • Rosanne Mottola

    Want to hear my theory on ponchos? Whenever we bring a poncho to the park it doesn’t rain. When we forget them in the hotel room, it pours. 🙂 Either way, we make the most of the rainy day as the other guests head out of the park!

    • I totally agree! The two times I forgot the poncho, it poured! These were also the only two times I’ve taken my husband to the parks…coincidence? 😉 I think maybe he does a rain dance when we go to Disney – haha! In his defense, it didn’t rain one of the days we were there, but if I remember correctly, I remembered the ponchos that day.

  • angie

    The reflection photos are amazing! Have you seen the app QuickFlics to save all your memories. It’s a total life saver for all the photos and videos on you phone.

    • They are! If it rains on my next trip, I plan on seeing if my husband will get a few reflection photos for me. (He’s the photographer in our family.) I have not heard of that app, but I looked into it. Looks like a pretty neat app, especially if you take a lot of photos on your phone!




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