Experience The Nostalgia of Pop Century

Welcome to the next stop on Magical Blogorail Orange. Today we are reviewing the value resorts at Walt Disney World.

Over the years, I have stayed at many of the Walt Disney World value resorts numerous time. I love each of their for their unique traits, but Pop Century has become my favorite of the value resorts. While this resort is a fabulous value resort for the entire family, it is one which the adults will especially appreciate. Everything at this resort, from the décor to the music and even some of the dining options brings a bit of nostalgia from decades past to your Walt Disney World vacation.

Upon entering the resort’s lobby, guests are greeted with various memorabilia from the second half of the 20th century. Adults will find toys from their childhood such as View-Masters, old Mickey Mouse dolls, and more. One of the shadow boxes in the lobby contains some ceramic kitchen decorations just like the ones found in my grandmother’s kitchen.

Experience The Nostalgia Of Pop Century

Photo credit: MPR529 / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

The lobby is just the beginning of the nostalgic décor found at Pop Century. For each of the five decades from the 1950s to the 1990s, guests will find wonderfully themed resort buildings complete with larger than life symbols of the decades including a few Disney characters. The 1950s section is home to a gigantic juke box, larger than life Lady & the Tramp figures, as well as, a very cool bowling pin shaped swimming pool. Moving on to the 1960s section of the resort, guests will find groovy buildings, the enormous Hippie Dippie Pool complete with flower shaped water jets, and even some friends from The Jungle Book. Children of the 1970s will be thrilled to find Twister games permanently laid into the ground, giant 8-track tape stairwells, and even a massive foosball game. One of my favorite icons at Pop Century, a giant Mickey Mouse telephone, is also found in the resort’s 1970s section.

While I love the themeing of the first three sections of Pop Century, I am more familiar with the pop culture of the last two decades. The resort’s 1980s section is home to giant Rubix cube stairwells, which are very cool to walk through. Roger Rabbit and an enormous Walkman can also be found in this section of the resort. The 1980s buildings are decorated with large Pac-Man games on the side. I loved playing this game as a kid; actually I still love playing Pac-Man! As you walk around this section, be sure to look for Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head and get your picture made with them.

Experience The Nostalgia Of Pop Century

Photo credit: Hidden Peanuts / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

In between the 1980s and 1990s section is a computer themed swimming pool complete with floppy discs and a hard drive which doubles as the laundry center. The 1990s section is decorated with many icons of the 90s such as compact discs, roller blades, and even a few huge cell phones.

The nostalgia of Pop Century certainly doesn’t end with the themed sections for each decade. At Everything POP Shopping & Dining, guests will hear music from past decades. While you’re dining, don’t be surprised if the cast members all stop what they are doing to dance to “The Hustle.” This has happened many times while I was at Everything POP and it is quite the sight to see. You may want to have your video camera or phone ready to record this event. In addition to the music and dancing of decades past, Everything POP is also home to a few nostalgic dining options. There are dishes similar to those Mom would have made such as chicken pot pie, meatloaf, and pot roast. And for dessert, you’ll definitely want to try the resort’s famous tie-dyed cheesecake. Though I haven’t tried it yet (I can’t seem to choose anything other than Mickey bars for dessert), I’ve heard this dessert is amazing.

I highly recommend Pop Century for your next Disney vacation! The adults are sure to love seeing the nostalgia at the resort. The kids will love seeing the Disney characters, swimming in the uniquely themed pools, and seeing things Mom and Dad grew up with.

Have you stayed at Pop Century? Share your thoughts on this resort with us in the comments below!

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Kimberly's love of Disney began at an early age and grew even more when her family won a Walt Disney World vacation from a local radio station. She grew up visiting the parks every one to two years and is fascinated by Disney history and trivia. Whether at the parks or at home, Kimberly is constantly looking for hidden Mickeys. She enjoys sharing tips and helping others plan their Disney vacations. In addition to Frontierland Station, she can also be found writing for Park World Travel and selecting music for Park World Radio.

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  • How does the Tye-Dye cheesecake taste?

    • Honestly, I have no idea. I’ve never tried it…I have a very hard time choosing anything other than Mickey bars for dessert at Disney. But I’ve heard the cheesecake is amazing, so I’m definitely going to try it next time I stay at Pop!

  • Lee Beatens

    I got a great pic with Mr. Potato Head too! You can’t deny the great theming of POP!

    • Me too! It’s one of my favorite photos from Pop. I wanted to include it in my article, but I’m not sure where I have a copy saved. I’ll have to find it and share it sometime.

  • Tim Brooks

    I may need to make a visit just to see Roger Rabbit. It’s the only place you can see him, that I’m aware of, at Walt Disney World. I love Roger Rabbit.

    • I think it is the only place you can see him. I remember when he was everywhere in the parks in the 90s! I loved seeing him in SpectroMagic and on the double decker bus full of characters at Epcot.

      • Tim Brooks

        I missed on Disney in the 90s. Maybe I’ll see him on a visit to Disneyland.

        • I had forgotten you could meet him at Disneyland! I’m glad he can still be found in one of the Disney parks. 🙂

  • We are DVC so we may not stay there, but it certainly sounds intriguing. I would at least like to see it. I guess I would have to take a bus over there and then a bus back to one of the theme parks. I have done this to the DVC properties, but it is a bit of a hassle. Wish they had a resorts tour.

    • You should definitely stop by to check it out sometime. All of the value resorts are very nice to walk through and have great picture spots.

  • Debbie

    Be careful, your Dad may embarrass you by breaking into dance to the music of “Stayin’ Alive” in the 70’s section.

    • Haha! I know…he’s done that a few times!

  • I think I will; though it is hard to get to and from.

    • Yes, it is kind of out of the way if you’re not staying there. I like to visit resorts on the day we arrive and the day we leave. It’s a fun activity when you don’t have enough time for a full day at the parks.

  • That’s a good idea. I guess you take a bus from say Magic Kingdom to Pop Century and then a bus back to Magic Kingdom and then get back to your resort you are staying at whichever way is the most efficient?

    • If you’re staying at a resort near Magic Kingdom, that would probably be your best option. If you’re not staying near Magic Kingdom, it might be best to take a bus to Hollywood Studios, Typhoon Lagoon, or Downtown Disney as these are closest to Pop Century and then take a bus to your resort.

  • I might try that. I have wanted to see other resorts, but never wanted to go to the trouble

    • It’s definitely worth it! Just be sure to bring your camera! We also like to do a character breakfast at a resort on the day we leave. You still get the fun of seeing characters without the cost of a day at the park (when you can’t stay all day). We usually go to ‘Ohana because we love it so much, but I really want to try Cape May Café next time. I’ve heard great things about it.

  • We have only done one character breakfast ever. It was at Disneyland and it was free. Ohana is at the Polynesian isn’t it? We are leaving tomorrow and staying at the Polynesian for 6 days. For some reason I am nervous because we have never stayed there. That sounds dumb I know. Any my hubby isn’t going with us, so that is probably the main thing I am nervous about. I am going to take lots of photos so I can post them to the blog.

    • Oh, how fun!! Yes, ‘Ohana is at the Poly. I’ve never stayed there, but it’s one of my favorite resorts. So beautiful! Last time I was there, they were still working on some of the renovations. I think they’ve finished most of them now. The pictures I’ve seen look beautiful. Be sure to check out the new bungalows; they look so cool! Can’t wait to see your photos!

  • I will take a lot of pictures and try to find out all of the information about the resort I can. We can’t afford to stay in the bungalows!

    • Who can?! They’re so expensive, but very neat to look at – even if only from the outside. We saw them as they were being built. They looked so neat! I can’t wait to see them finished next time.

  • I love Pop Century too! I really like staying in the 80s section. It reminds me of my childhood plus it’s a little quieter. 🙂

    • I really love the Pac-Mans in the 80s section!

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  • I’ve always wanted to stay at Pop Century and all the things you just described only makes me want it more!

  • Rosanne Mottola

    I love Pop! I’ve stayed there so many times. The bus system is so much nicer there than the All Stars in my opinion. Always a quality vacation at a good price.

    • I agree, the buses are one of the reasons I prefer Pop. Although with Art of Animation open now, I’m not sure if Pop still has it’s own buses. I’ve heard they were sharing buses at one time, but I’m not sure if they still are. I think I heard they are not sharing anymore, but I could be wrong.

  • MstrFantastic

    Went in September & stayed in a preferred room at POP. Wasn’t a fan. Even in a preferred room, we felt it was a hike to get back to the room from the main entrance/bus terminals. The buses weren’t too bad heading to the parks, but leaving at night from the parks was a disaster. The wait was usually so bad, we were taking Art of Animation buses and hiking over the bridge back to POP.

    I know many other resorts are as big, if not bigger, than POP but the size of the resort is why they have their own buses. I think we will be sticking to the All-Star resorts next time or will possible try a moderate.

    • I’m sorry to hear that! I had wondered how the bus situation was after Art of Animation opened. The buses are actually one of the reasons I prefer POP over the All-Stars, but then I haven’t stayed there since AoA opened. All three All-Stars share buses, so it gets pretty crowded. Before POP was built, we started staying at All-Star Sports because we figured out the buses go there first. So it’s less crowded when you get on and you can get back to your resort quicker.

      • MstrFantastic

        It looked like the AS resorts may each have their own bus system now. Not 100% sure but I saw buses for each individual AS resort leaving the Parks. May just be at peak hours. The AS Movies is definitely the best themed for kids. We’d stay at AoA but it’s never available with the free dining plan and its still more costly than the other value options.

        One of the main reasons we did stay at POP was the relatively short walk to AOA. This may be the SINGLE reason to book at POP since you get to see AoA without the cost of staying there. My daughter took pictures next to all the statues the day we arrived and loved it.

        • Individual buses for the All-Stars would be great! I have seem them get individual buses several times around park closing when I was there on several 4th of July trips. So it may just be at peak hours.
          I doubt I will stay at AoA because it does cost so much more, but I will definitely have to make a stop there for pictures! The resort looks so fun!

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