How To Avoid Getting Sick At Disney

Avoid Getting Sick At Disney

A vacation to a Disney park is a fantastic experience; however, nothing can quite ruin the fun of Disney like getting sick while on vacation. With thousands of visitors to the parks each day, you are bound to encounter numerous germs throughout your vacation. Don’t worry! There are several easy steps you can take to help ensure you and you family stay healthy for your entire Disney vacation.

  • Take vitamins – A few weeks before your vacation, start taking a multivitamin (if you don’t already do so). Vitamin C is also great at helping to build up your immune system.
  • Get plenty of sleep – While it’s tempting to stay at the parks until they close and then arrive when they open the next day, this may not be the best idea. Depending on the park hours and transportation time, staying until close could put you getting back to your resort pretty late. Consider choosing either park opening or closing – not both. My family enjoys closing down the parks each night. Very rarely will you find us at the parks right when they open in the morning. In order to get enough sleep we often arrive an hour or two after park opening in the mornings.
  • Stay hydrated – Walking through parks in the Florida sun can take its toll on your body. Be sure to drink plenty of water in order to stay hydrated. If you ask at any food service location, Disney will give you a free cup of ice water.
  • Wash your hands – With so many people (and germs) at Disney, washing your hands is essential to staying healthy throughout your vacation. Be sure to encourage children to wash hands with soap after trips to the restroom and before eating meals.
  • Antibacterial gel – Sometimes it might not be practical to find a restroom to wash your hands in before eating or other times you may need to wash your hands. Be sure to pack a small bottle of antibacterial gel for these times.
  • Antibacterial wipes – Germs can be found on nearly any surface, from the restaurant table to the TV remote in your hotel room. Antibacterial wipes are great for killing germs found on these surfaces.
  • Allergy medicine – Even though you may not have allergy troubles before your vacation, you may want to pack some allergy medicine for your trip. Many people, myself included, are very allergic to the paper trees found in Florida. Bringing medicine from home will be cheaper than purchasing it from Disney. If you’re prone to allergy problems, like I am, it may even be a good idea to start taking allergy medicine a few days prior to your vacation.

Do you have any tips to prevent illness on your vacation? We would love to hear them in the comments below!

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Kimberly's love of Disney began at an early age and grew even more when her family won a Walt Disney World vacation from a local radio station. She grew up visiting the parks every one to two years and is fascinated by Disney history and trivia. Whether at the parks or at home, Kimberly is constantly looking for hidden Mickeys. She enjoys sharing tips and helping others plan their Disney vacations. In addition to Frontierland Station, she can also be found writing for Park World Travel and selecting music for Park World Radio.

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  • Hilary Smith

    These are great tips. I was shocked that I avoided getting sick during my college program.

  • Becca_LoveOurDisney

    Great tips! Hand sanitizer is a must for us as our toddler is immune compromised (and we all know how much toddlers like to touch everything, and then put their hands in their mouth).
    Thanks for linking up at Travel Tip Thursday!




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